Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Theme: DC Comics - Two-Face

Here's my next instalment in the DC comic book characters theme: Two-Face.
Two-Face, real name Harvey Dent, is another Gotham villain. In the comics he gets acid thrown in his face by a criminal and then goes insane, in the movie The Dark Knight, he gets badly burned and loses his girlfriend under very horrible circumstances. He then goes mad. You can read all about Harvey Dent's transformation into Two-Face in the Batman graphic novel, The Long Halloween.

For Two-Face, I needed two contrasting colours on each nail. However, we all know that humans aren't exactly straight laced, so the colour I chose for Harvey Dent is a duochrome, China Glaze's Reggae to Riches. It's mainly a fuschia pink with a blue duochrome. The second colour I chose is quite halloween-y, so perfect for a Gotham villain. It's China Glaze's Ick-A-Body from last years halloween collection.
I painted my whole nail with 3 coats of Reggae to Riches and then topped it off with Seche Vite Dry Fast. Once it was fully dry, I used sticky tape to tape off half of my nails diagonally and then painted 2 coats of Ick-A-Body on the lower half.

I'm thinking it turned out quite well, but it would have been much better if I'd have chosen a nude colour instead of Reggae To Riches, maybe that would have represented a normal, human District Attorney much better than some bright pink!

On a different note, can I just say that China Glaze's Ick-A-Body is a B*TCH to remove? I went through so much polish remover trying to get that sucker off!!

While talking about problems with China Glaze, you will have seen my The Frog Prince/Princess and the Frog themed look recently where I used China Glaze's Entourage, well, I am so mad because Entourage has stained my nails yellow!!
It's not such a big deal because I never have naked nails due to a problem with my nail line, but I'm still pee'd off because my nails are freaking yellow!


Nikki said...

This is really neat, I love the two colors together. I would have never thought to combine them. Beautiful!

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