Friday, 11 February 2011

OPI Pirates Of The Caribbean and Serena Williams Glam Slam

I don't usually post information about upcoming collections as I don't have any official information, products or photos, everything I know I have read in other blogs, so my information could be wrong. However, I have read a lot of blogs and I have seen a lot of the photos and I am actually quite excited about these ranges being released soon!

OPI Pirates of the Caribbean
 In May, Disney will release Pirates of the Caribbean: On Strange Tides and OPI are bringing out a POTC themed range of polishes. The polishes are mainly pastel shades, which you don't really imagine when you think of pirates, but the polishes ARE pretty and they do have some cool names, well, IMO! And there's one fabulous suprise that will be selling as fast as it hits the shelves...

The collection features 6 colours, all with a creme finish:
Mermaid's Tears - a sea green pastel shade
Planks A Lot - a muted purple pastel
Steady As She Rose - A pale pink pastel
Skull & Gloss Bones - This looks like a sort of shimmery pearl pastel colour
Sparrow Me The Drama - Another pink (yawn) albeit a murky one
Stranger Tides - A murky yellow pastel

The fabulous suprise is A SILVER SHATTER. Silver. OMG. This one is going to be interesting!!
Out of the collection, I definately want to get the silver shatter and possible Stranger Tides and/or Skull & Gloss Bones.

Just so I can share a picture:
Full credit for this picture goes to

Did you see that silver shatter? I'm imagining it over a dark, matte colour... yummmmm!

OPI Serena Williams Glam Slam
Now the next thing I have heard is pretty cool too!
You have all seen the Serena Williams duo, the Simply Smash-ing and the black shatter by now, but I have found out that the next duo is Sparke De Triomphe - A very cool toned gold glitter, and a white shatter.
I'm feeling that the latter wont sell very well due to China Glaze's crackle collection.

The folllowing two photos found their way to my email inbox, but I do not know where they are from and I can't seem to find any detailed information about this duo. The email also states that the rumoured release date is April, so I'm assuming that's April for USA and we'll be a bit later in the UK.


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