Friday, 4 February 2011

A cutesy, girly, pink Valentine's look

This is a very pink and pretty look for all those girly-girls for Valentine’s Day.

It’s 2 coats of Barry M 279 Bright Pink topped with Eyeko’s Chi Chi polish, which is a clear top coat with pink glitter within. I topped that off with No. 7’s matte top coat, then used sticky tape as a guideline and painted tips with OPI’s That’s Hot! Pink which is a darker pink than the Barry M and I left the tips shiny.

Pretty short blog post really, I can’t say anything more about this manicure because I hate pink. I didn’t realise that I hated pink until I started this manicure. It came out exactly as I imagined it would, but I just do not like it. Unfortunately, I seem to have a fair few bottles of pink polish. Time to ditch them?


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