Sunday, 6 February 2011

Theme: DC Comics - Posion Ivy

This is the next part of my DC Characters manicures. I’ve gone for another Gotham villain here, Poison Ivy.

Dr. Pamela Lillian Isley was a botanist and cared deeply about plants and the environment. A colleague attempted to murder Pamela using rare and deadly herbs from Egypt, but Pamela survived the attempt only to be transformed into Poison Ivy.
Poison Ivy is just that, Poison. She has toxins in her bloodstream and one kiss can be deadly. She can speak to and control any plant and she considers them her babies.

I based this manicure on her toxicity and love for plants.
I used OPI’s Here Today Aragon Tomorrow, a deep moss green, as a base. I used Barry M 287 Emerald Green, a metallic green, to stamp a vine design onto my nails using a fauxnad plate. I then painted the tips red (OPI’s Not Really A Waitress), to make them look a little more feminine.
The dark green base coat made the red I used look a lot darker than it is, this worked at my advantage as it looked a little more toxic and poisonous.


Angeles said...

I like this combo. I love green!
I'm a new blogger, like you...
Greetings from Barcelona ;-)

Angela said...

Angeles: Our names are so similar! That's so cool! Thanks for your compliment, I'll check out your blog and add you to my blog list. xx

kurisu neko said...

I love the way you translated Ivy into polish... Great! :D

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