Sunday, 6 February 2011

Matte Top Coat: A comparison

I love matte nail polishes.

The very instant I saw a swatch of matte nails I knew I had to have it in every colour. I wanted matte everything! YouTube make-up guru Petrilude mentioned a brand of polish named ManGlaze, and at the time they were doing a matte black and a matte grey. I bought both.  A little while later they came out with a matte topcoat, and yes, I HAD to have it! When UK brand No. 7 brought out their matte topcoat, I bought that also.

 (Please ignore the teeth marks on my ManGlaze, the top was on very tightly when I got it... heehee

Matte-Astrophe: I have tried this matte topcoat many times, but I always got some kind of veining on my nails, where most of the nail would be matte, but there would be veins where the shininess of the coloured polish would be peeking through.
It certainly wasn't what I expected, I thought that I was applying the polish wrong, so I tried and tried again. I have only been able to get a nice, smooth coat a couple of times, but I can’t remember what base colour I was using at the time.

No. 7 Matte Top Coat: The formula of this top coat was a little thinner than the ManGlaze Matte-Astrophe, at first I thought that this would reflect in the finished product, but oh boy it didn't! Application was easier than Matte-Astrophe, due to it being thinner in consistency, it felt very smooth as it went on and I found it easy to get a nice coverage very quickly. It dried a little slower than Matte-Astrophe, but the result was the same matte finish BUT there was no veining! Every single nail was completely covered in a smooth matte finish, and it was beautiful! This was the matte top coat I had been looking for!
So No.7 wins this round for a nice, smooth and flawless matte finish.

 By the way, flaky polishes look so good matte!

 With Matte-Astrophe, I thought that I was applying the polish wrong. Maybe I was putting it on too thick, or maybe I was going over the nail with the brush too many times, but when I was able to apply the No. 7 top coat successfully, I thought that maybe my bottle of Matte-Astrophe was dodgy.
I was almost resigned to just throwing it away, but I really loved the design on the bottle, the name and the name of the brand, so I decided to look it up online.
The ManGlaze website does state that you do get that crackle effect on some polishes and a smooth effect on others. They don’t give you any hints as to which polishes to use, in regards to shimmers or crèmes for example, but they do encourage you to tell them about good combinations that you discover.
Now, I’m not entirely sure, but I don’t think that was in the description when I bought Matte-Astrophe. If it was then I wouldn’t have bought it as it was not the finish that I was looking for.
However, now I know that that's what it's supposed to do, I've decided I'm going to persevere with Matte-Astrophe and try and wear a crackled matte coat to see if I can fall in love with it.
It is certainly something unique, I have never heard of a matte coat that can crackle before and now that I have nail wheels, I’m going to be doing some hardcore experimenting to see what I can come up with! And of course, my dear readers, I will let you know the results and conclusion of my experimentation as soon as I have them.

More pictures:
I love the art work on ManGlaze polishes!

 This sticker upsets me:


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