Sunday, 13 February 2011

A new polish brand: a-england

Today I would like to share a new brand of nail polish: a-england.

The brand a-england belongs to Adina Bodana, who has spent an intense year working on the brand. It was launched in January just this year, and Adina describes it as a small project with big potentials.
The brand is heavily inspired by English mythology and if you check the glossary page on the website, you can read about where each polish name has come from.
There are currently 15 polishes, a top coat and a base coat grouped together under the collection name “The Mythicals”.   
The polishes are all manufactured in the UK, are 3 free (that is no DBP, Formaldehyde or Toluene), not tested on animals and of a salon quality. Each bottle is £9.50, the website does not currently state how much polish you will get in each bottle, but Adina has told me that it’s 13ml. As a comparison, both the price and the size is just a little less than OPI, so I’m hoping that they will be of similar quality. For the record, I like OPI and I feel that they are worth the price, so if a-england live up to those standards then we are on to a winner!

Currently, I do not have any of the polishes to try out and share with you, but I have just put in an order, and I will share my thoughts and pictures when they arrive.
As I was ordering, I felt that the sophisticated and elegant design of the website made me feel that I was ordering a top quality brand. Personally, I love the names and the theme of the polishes.
Using the website was very easy, everything was easy to find, simple to use and quick to load. There is a shopping cart on the right of the website and as you’re ordering you can see everything being added and it also gives you the shipping price as you go.
Before ordering I had contacted Adina to ask for general information about the brand with the intention of writing this blog post. Adina is lovely, very thorough with her information and her replies are very quick!
With everything I have seen so far, I am very impressed and I am really looking forward to receiving my order!

a-england is found here and can also be found on Facebook and on Twitter.


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