Friday, 11 February 2011

A simple Fauxnad design

My latest polish purchase is China Glaze's Secret Per-Wink-Le. It's a dusty periwinkle blue creme and this colour came out with the Operation Colour collection in Autumn 2008. Yes, nearly 3 years ago and I have only just gotten my hands on it! Ha! I'm sure you've figured out that I'm not really a blogger who keeps up with the trends. I mean really, where's my Katy Perry OPI posts?  
(I am going to break that habbit soon, I have the China Glaze crackle polishes coming and I am too excited about those!)

This is a beautiful colour, I think it would suit just about any skin tone! There are only two negatives to this polish:
1. The name. They couldn't come up with anything decent so they just highlighted the fact that periwinkle has "wink" within?
2. This polish was actually a little difficult to apply. It's quite runny so you can't put a coat on that's too thick or it will just run down the sides of your nails. I had bald patches even after 2 coats, so had to use a third. With other CG polishes, two coats usually do the job adequately.
Even with that in mind, I would still recommend this polish as the colour is just beautiful!

After letting the third coat dry, I broke out my nail stamping kit and decided to go for some nice little flowers over the top. I used a fauxnad plate A01 (available on Amazon and eBay) and Konad's special polish in white.

Here it is: China Glaze Secret Peri-wink-le with Fauxnad flowers over the top.


Angeles said...

It's a very spring mani... I love it!

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