Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Some simple French tips

I was thinking of calling this blog post "Interview Nails" but I guess they're still a bit too much for a formal interview, despite the fact that I am actually wearing one of these looks to two interviews today.

For the first look, I used Barry M Grey as an all over colour, 2 coats for perfection, and then topped it off with Seche Vite dry fast top coat. I left it until it was completely dry and hardened and added Eyeko's Vintage polish for tips, then used my Konad to add some shooting stars with GOSH's Holographic and topped the whole thing off with more Seche Vite.

For the second look, I used China Glaze's Sea Spray from the Anchors Away collection. I got a lovely finish from just 2 coats with this one also. This is a pale baby blue creme polish and it's a new purchase of mine. I absolutely love it! I am really into these more subdued, pale colours at the moment.
I topped Sea Spray off with Seche Vite, waited until it was fully dry and hardened and then added OPI's Austin-tatious Turquoise for the tips. I then added a cute little mermaid stamp in Konad's white special polish, and more Seche Vite to finish the whole look.
This one turned out very nautical themed! I think the colours work well together and that mermaid is just too cute! This is the one that I am wearing to my interview today, I hope they like it!

Oh, and I've been looking at other bloggers nail swatches and I see them holding the most random things! I decided to grab the nearest thing to me rather than a related nail polish, so here you have my pokewalker. Heehee....

Don't you just love how shiny Seche Vite makes the polish look? Since I started this blog I've used about a fifth of my bottle already!

So, off to my interview I go!


kurisu neko said...

I love the first look! It is sooo beautiful you made me remember konad and want to copy...
I had it (konad) almost forgotten because of the glitter polishes I recently purchased.

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