Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Primark Glo Baby Glo: UV Reactive polish and a little crackle glaze!

These polishes have been sitting in my collection for a while now. I have used them before, but I pulled them out again so I could share them with you.
Last time I was in Primark (maybe a week ago) these polishes were still available in the make-up section, but not the two colours that I have. They could have simply sold out and are awaiting a new delivery!

These polishes are actually great! They apply quite easily but you do need 3 coats to get a nice even finish. They dry sort-of-semi-quickly and they last a decent amount of time. Considering the price, I'd say they were excellent value for money!
Now, The polishes are one colour, but when you get under UV light, they glow so bright! I have tested this myself and it really works and looks great, but I don't have a UV light so I can show you pictures, so you'll just have to take my word for it!

Here is Limelight with China Glaze's Fault Line crackle on my accent finger.
 And then with China Glaze's Lightening Bolt crackle over the other fingers.

And here is Orange Appeal with China Glaze's Fault Line crackle on my accent finger

 And now with China Glaze's Lightening Bolt on the rest of the fingers

I tried to use the brush sideways with this one so that I would get a different type of crackle. It was OK, but I think I applied the crackle a bit thick.


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Love the crackle you did. :-)

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