Monday, 31 January 2011

Product Review: OPI Chip Skip

OPI's Chip Skip is a product that you would use in addition to a base coat, not instead of it. It works by dehydrating the surface of your nails, absorbing any surface moisture or surface oils. By eliminating that layer of moisture or oil, it lets your nail polish really adhere to your nails and stops your nail polish from chipping easily.
The brush that comes with Chip Skip is shorter and stiffer than the brush of a standard polish. The consistency is liquid, as runny as water, but it dries instantly, you can watch it do this within seconds.
All you do is paint it onto your nails, you don’t even need to be careful with application as there is nothing to clean up, and then straight away you can apply your favourite base coat.

I have to admit, it sounds pretty hardcore, dehydrating your nails every time you paint them? Wouldn’t that just dry out your nails and be really bad for them? Well, the answer is no. I’ve been using Chip Skip every single time I paint my nails for a few months now and my nails are actually in really good condition. Chip Skip will only dehydrate the surface of your nails, it does not penetrate the nail and so will not dehydrate the whole nail plate and bed.

In respect to it doing what it says on the bottle, it does work. Comparing the longevity of my manicures with Chip Skip to without, I get on average a few days longer before any chips start appearing.

Like I said, this is a product that you use in addition to your regular routine, not instead of it. Here’s how I use mine:
1.       Use polish remover to remove previous manicure
2.       Wash hands and moisturise to remove remnants of polish remover and make sure bare nails are taken care of
3.       Use Chip Skip. One quick coat over each nail and it dries instantly
4.       Base Coat. I’m using OPI Nail envy for dry and brittle nails
5.       Colour, nail art, nail gems, anything fancy and pretty!
6.       Top Coat. My favourite at the moment is Seche Vite dry fast top coat.

Unfortunately, I haven’t found Chip Skip in any stores yet, I ordered mine online. A quick google search brings up lots of places to buy this product and it seems to be around £6-7 at the cheapest.
The bottle will last you a long time, it is the same shape and size (15ml) as a standard OPI nail polish.

So, to round this all up, I love OPI Chip Skip. I will continue to use this product as it's definately doing it's job and once I run out, I will be buying more!


Nicole - Top To Toe said...

Great post, lots of info. I have never used Chip Skip before but it sounds worth looking into.

KarenD said...

Very interesting post; thanks for this! I might have to try it now that I know it won't dry out my nails. :)

GlitzAgha said...

I have Chip Skip and it's very good. Does the job and my manicures last longer. Way good!

Unknown said...

Thanks for telling me what it is

ijp said...

Just bought it! Thanks for the info!

Unknown said...

I just got it about a month ago and really my nails still chip pretty easily for me it hasn't been working maybe I'm using it wrong?

Unknown said...

thanks a lot for this

Unknown said...

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